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Sapphire is the ultimate blue gemstone. The name sapphire is generated from the Latin name "sapphiru," which mean blue. It is known as "The Jewel of the Sky." Sapphire is the birthstone for September. Engagement rings made out of Sapphire are very renowned and are also recommended for couples celebrating their wedding anniversaries. Sapphire is virtually synonymous with blue; the stone also comes in a variety of fancy colors. Color is the main factor while determining the value of this gemstone.

Weighing in at 8.2 pounds or 18,696 carats, this natural rough ruby crystal is still uncut: no Custom Jewelry has been created from it as with the Cullinan Diamond and England's Crown Jewels. It measures 122.4mm x 112.3mm x 133.9mm. The 125West Ruby is semi-translucent to opaque. The origin of this ruby is not known. If this gemstone were to be carved, it would also be the largest carved ruby in the world. An interesting fact about rubies: they are the second hardest mineral in the world, with diamonds being the first.

Fact: Although there may be a few unscrupulous salespeople out there, a good, professional salesperson or jewelry designer will not try to talk you into changing your mind about the gems you want. In fact, the person you speak with will happily explain the different grades of gems and how much they cost. That way you can decide for yourself exactly what you want to use without feeling uneducated regarding your options or forced into a corner. If you're displeased with your options or service, the jeweler risks losing referrals, and that's a designer's bread and butter. They'll want to make sure you get what you want, exactly what you can pay for, and exactly what will make you the happiest.

Personalized jewelry of any sort gives the wearer an inner confidence that shines outward. Name Jewelry is one of the hundreds of things associated with Mynameise. These people feel comfortable with their own sense of identity. Name jewelry can hold deep spiritual meaning to the individual. A person's own name is part of who they are. Name necklaces can express your true innermost self. Jewelry is meant to inspire and boost inner energy. The best jewelry fashion sparks an inner flame every time a person gazes at it, therefore wearing jewelry can be empowering.

Another type of Egyptian jewelry is the Ankh. The Ankh is the symbol of life. it is also the symbol of Christianity. It is a simple loop in the design of a cross. It can be simple or ornate. Necklaces such as the cross or the Ankh can be personal, yet be a proclamation of your faith.

Personality Jewelry Try some unusual color combinations. Certain colors placed together can really make a design "pop". Review your color wheel and note how a color can be markedly enhanced when placed next to its complement. Don't settle for tired, overused color combinations. Think out of the box!

There are varieties of techniques used in making beaded jewelry. Two of the most common are stringing and wire working. There are various types of string are available: cords, plastic, twine, silk, nylon threads can also be utilized in making beaded jewelry. Using hemp fibre, hemp, and then wire, which comes in different thicknesses?